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"Thank you very much for providing this opportunity to learn more in the field of employment services. I look forward to taking things I’ve learned from your training and applying to my own job seeker/worker situations."
- Karin

"Thank you very much! It was a pleasure to take it, very informative and great tools to use!!"
- Sara

"It was truly a pleasure to work with you and your team. I thought that this course was very informative."
- Scott

Offered through Direct Course, the College of Employment Services (CES) curriculum can help your staff advance their careers as employment professionals. Now they can access even more intensive career development, through the CES ACRE Supplement offered by the Institute for Community at the University of Massachusetts Boston.

We have moved to a new registration process and course management system. Please click on “Enroll” to pay and register staff. We have updated our refund policy – make sure you make yourself aware of the new policy that is posted on the registration page. If you have any questions or need to pay by check please email

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What are CES and ACRE?

CES is a suite of online courses that train employment professionals in best practices for supporting people with disabilities to build fulfilling careers. ACRE is a national membership organization that reviews and approves curriculum. Individuals completing ACRE-approved training receive a nationally recognized certificate. The ACRE certificate can be acquired after a learner completes a 2-part training series. CES ACRE Supplement is an ACRE-approved curriculum. Those who receive the ACRE certificate are listed on the ACRE Certificate Registry.

What’s in it for my staff?

  • Comprehensive training on career development, networking, work incentives, engaging employers, and much more.
  • 3 exclusive webinars led by instructors from the Institute for Community Inclusion (ICI) at UMass Boston.
  • Access to office hours with ICI employment experts.
  • Training content available 24/7 to allow learners to work at their own pace.

How does the 2-part training series work?

Part 1: CES ACRE Certified Online Courses.

This portion of the training series is contracted directly through Elsevier. Contact Olivia Sullivan to register at

  • Learners complete 11 CES online courses, which include 45 lessons (listed at, and pass the final quiz on each course with a score of 80% or higher

Part 2: CES ACRE Supplement.

This portion of the training is contracted directly through the Institute for Community Inclusion (ICI) at UMass Boston. Registration information and link is at the bottom of this page.

They complete the ACRE supplement course. This includes:

  • 8 hours of supplemental activities administered on an online learning platform led by ICI staff. These activities involve fieldwork in your community, which fits in with the work your staff are already doing. This fieldwork allows staff to practice and demonstrate the skills they have learned in the online courses.
  • Learners watch 3 half hour-hour webinars supplementing their CES coursework.
  • When they complete Part 1 (all 11 required CES online courses) and Part 2 (3 webinars, and the related activities and fieldwork), they’ll receive an ACRE certificate and their name will be added to the ACRE Certificate Registry.

How do we get started?

  1. Complete Part 1 by enrolling your agency in the CES curriculum at If you’re already a CES customer, you’re all set
  2. Then complete Part 2 by registering your learners for the CES ACRE Supplement using the link below.
    Have your learners complete Part 1 before registering for Part 2

How much does it cost?

The ACRE Supplement (Part 2) costs $225 per learner. ICI instructors review and provide feedback on all fieldwork assignments and are available to support Supplement learners. CES online courses (Part 1) is paid for separately through Elsevier, see registration info above. Questions should be directed to Lara Enein at

How Long Do I Have To Complete the ACRE Supplement (Part 2)?

  • All learners enrolled in the ACRE Supplement are given 6 months to complete the CES ACRE part 2 online course, including all fieldwork, webinars, and other requirements.
  • After 6 months, the learner will no longer have access to the course materials required to earn their ACRE certificate.
  • Learners are expected to monitor their time to complete the work during this timeframe.

Questions should be sent to

1. Do I have to complete all the College of Employment Services (CES) courses first before doing the CES ACRE Supplement?

No, you do not have to finish all the CES courses first, unless required by your course administrator. You can work on the CES courses and the CES ACRE Supplement simultaneously. Due to personal time constraints, most learners choose to complete all the CES courses first, and then spend time on the CES ACRE Supplement work.

2. After I complete the work on the CES ACRE Supplement, I will get an ACRE certificate, correct?

No, that is not correct. You must complete all 11 of the required CES courses and also complete all the activities on the CES ACRE Supplement, to get an ACRE certificate.

3. Why do I have to give a copy of my transcripts from the College of Employment Services (CES) to the CES ACRE Supplement staff?

The transcripts provide proof to CES ACRE Supplement staff members that you completed all 11 of the required CES courses. Our staffers are not able to get your transcripts themselves. Only you (the learner) or your site administrator can access these transcripts.

4. Why do I have to log into two different websites with different usernames and passwords to do this program?

The College of Employment Services (CES) and the CES ACRE Supplement are two separate programs that work collaboratively to provide the ACRE certificate to learners. As such, each program operates its on web-based learning platform, each with a separate website and user profile.

5. Why do I have to pay two different fees to get the ACRE certificate?

Learners are able to pay a fee to the College of Employment Services (CES) and just complete the courses they have paid for to enhance their professional development. There is no requirement for them to proceed any further with their education.

If the learner decides that they do want to continue with their education and get an ACRE certificate, they need to register and pay the additional fee for the CES ACRE Supplement.

6. What are the College of Employment Services (CES) courses like?

To learn more about CES courses, sign up for a free demo at

7. What activities would I have to complete for the CES ACRE Supplement?

You can download a copy of the syllabus.

8. How long will it take me to complete the required activities for the CES ACRE Supplement?

On average, it takes a learner about 8 hours to complete all the activities.

9. Where can I find answers to questions about the College of Employment Services (CES)?

Frequently Asked Questions:

Contact information:

10. What is an ACRE certificate?

An ACRE certificate is given to learners who successfully completed the approved 40 hours or more of training and professional development activities in the field of employment services for individuals with disabilities. This certificate never expires. In addition those who have received an ACRE certificate will also have their name added to the ACRE registry. A public database on their website that names all the learners who have completed the required ACRE approved training. For more information go to

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